My Story:

I’m 70 and just can’t keep still. I love business and as I reflect on my many years, I see a theme of service to others. It started with my painting business where, for 45 years, I made people’s homes and businesses beautiful. Then I branched into apartments offering pleasant and affordable living spaces. More recently I’ve added two more opportunities that have expanded the borders of my interests and desire to serve. I have a passion to make life go more smoothly for you. To help you feel good about saving money and aging gracefully. And for the adventuresome, I’d like to invite you to think about starting and growing your own business and achieving financial freedom.

Most Americans haven’t set aside anywhere near enough to retire comfortably, take a nice vacation, or pay for college. And sadly, most are up to their “armpits” in credit card debt. I’d love to share with you what I did–go over the pros and cons–and see if it’s a fit for you. It is possible to make 100s and even 1000s a week—if you put your mind to it. I’d love to walk you through the steps.

My name is Paul Osborne and I’m here for you!

What are the “Persistent Questions”? And what are the answers?

How can I save money?

Stream helps you save money every day on energy utilities and wireless services.

  • Lower your rates for electricity and natural gas
  • Pay less for cell phone service

How can I feel healthier?

Start with a good night’s sleep and a little dab of a ”magical” gel. With the gel, I find that I sleep better, have more energy, and a positive mindset. Not to mention fewer aches and pains! Lots of benefits associated with just a little dab. Learn how to age gracefully and look awesome too! And there’s so much more!

Let me know how I can help!

Just give me a call at 215-872-7770 or use this convenient form to email me today!